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These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Use”) set out the rules for the use by Users of the blog available at the address (hereinafter referred to as the “AAW Blog” or the “Blog”), which is a service provided electronically by the portal administrator.

The portal administrator is the AgileWhips team (hereinafter referred to as “AAW”)

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Comments can be anonymous but should be signed: name, initials, nickname. In this way, the commenter makes it easier for other commenters to refer to already published comments. The requirement of signing does not violate the privilege of anonymity.

The administrator does not take responsibility for the content of comments.

It is unacceptable for Users to place content/comments

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e) containing content unrelated to the subject matter of the Blog, including content of an advertising nature;
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In the event of posting undesired content described above AAW reserves the right to delete them without notifying the author. In extreme or repeated cases, AAW reserves the right to remove a User from the Blog and inform him of the reasons for such a decision.


Information on this subject can be found in

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Personal data contained in the content of the AW Blog have been intentionally changed to protect the identity of persons participating in the described events or are fictitious and the similarity of personal data to real persons is purely coincidental, therefore AAW is not liable for published names, surnames, positions, salaries and/or other personal data.

AAW is not responsible for the use of information provided on the Blog by its users. Despite the positive effect of the actions described on the AAW Blog, the User acknowledges that these are examples that may not have the desired effect when applied by the User.

AAW will not be liable for any third-party personal information made public through the Blog.

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