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In this space we give real-life examples of ways to approach agile organization.
You are welcome to benefit from our experience.

About us

We are a group of Scrum Masters and Release Train Engineers. We help introduce, develop and maintain agile methodologies in software development organizations.

The advice we present on this website comes from our experience in working with teams and the structures in which they operate.

We believe that every organization method has pros and cons – we base our choice of tools and rules of cooperation on the needs and capabilities of the company.

We strongly believe that the success of companies in delivering value to their customers is a result of individuals taking responsibility for their duties. This can only happen in an environment where respect and a relaxed atmosphere foster commitment and satisfaction.

The name Agile Whips is a metaphor for the above statement – on the one hand agile methodologies constrain and keep order in line with processes, on the other hand it is a tool for agility to tame a rigid approach to organizing work which in the past did not allow us to keep up with changing technology and a speeding market.

To put it humorously, we whip up these processes to deliver value quickly and agilely.

A high level of playfulness is available in the texts ­čÖé

The website and content are created together by:

Michał Domachowski

Paweł Grajewski

Michał Stażewski