Why employees go off-camera during virtual meetings

why off camera during online meeting

So why is it that people don’t want to show themself on the webcam? It’s just an ordinary meeting, right? Well… not exactly – not with a specific communicator’s feature turned on. Employees go off-camera during virtual meetings because, with the self-view on, they see themselves on the screen. It makes them focus on their […]

What tools do scrum masters use

scrum masters tools

Scrum masters use tools for product and sprint backlog organization, important metrics insight, team remote collaboration, process design, direct chat, and audio-video communication. There are a lot of tools on the market for agile management. This post doesn’t aim to compare them to each other. I will emphasize what scrum masters should look for in […]

How scrum team deal with technical debt

I am stuck

What is technical debt? It’s like gum stuck to your shoe – you stand steady in one place but you can hardly move on. Short-term solutions that guarantee long-term pain. It may relate to every component of the platform – application code and infrastructure. We use the financial debt metaphor because sooner or later we […]

How Scrum Master helps Product Owner

scrum master supports product owner

The scrum master helps the product owner by ensuring empowerment in the organization, managing the product backlog in a transparent and prioritized way, facilitating events and workshops, and keeping clear and concise communication with the developers.   It all depends on how experienced is the Product Owner in his or her role but even if the […]

How to convince management to hire more staff?

need to convince the management to hire more staff

There are only two fundamental reasons why managers hire additional team members: either they can make more money or avoid losing money they are already making. Convince the management to hire more staff by showing a chance for the firm’s growth or by emphasizing a risk that the organization has with limited team members. This […]

How scrum teams deal with non-functional requirements.

NFR meditating

Meditating is very helpful but when it comes to dealing with non-functional requirements I have a better idea 🙂 Scrum teams deal with non-functional requirements by addressing them in the product backlog in the form of independent tasks or by constraining product backlog items with an appropriate definition of done or acceptance criteria.  Non-functional requirements […]

What is scrum team’s velocity?


Scrum team’s velocity is an average amount of work that meets the team’s definition of done, completed across several iterations. Velocity measures a team’s ability to operate and is the most essential input for capacity calculation, leading to business predictability. It may seem confusing – let’s dive into some details.   How to measure work? […]