How to assign story points in scrum

Assigning story points

Story points should be assigned independently to every task according to its estimation. Assigning should take place during sprint planning in an issue tracking tool that the scrum team uses.   What are story points you can find out here – but if you are searching for the assignment of story points then I assume […]

How scrum teams deal with non-functional requirements.

NFR meditating

Meditating is very helpful but when it comes to dealing with non-functional requirements I have a better idea 🙂 Scrum teams deal with non-functional requirements by addressing them in the product backlog in the form of independent tasks or by constraining product backlog items with an appropriate definition of done or acceptance criteria.  Non-functional requirements […]

What is scrum team’s velocity?


Scrum team’s velocity is an average amount of work that meets the team’s definition of done, completed across several iterations. Velocity measures a team’s ability to operate and is the most essential input for capacity calculation, leading to business predictability. It may seem confusing – let’s dive into some details.   How to measure work? […]

What is a story point in agile?

Story point in agile

To estimate how much work to plan you need a unit of measure. Forget about estimating time – it’s time for story points! A story point in agile is a unit of measure representing the work that needs to be finished to meet the definition of done. Agile teams use story points in the process […]

How scrum master supports sprint planning

Scrum master supports sprint planning

Sprint planning involves the Product Owner and Developers. The Product Owner comes to the meeting with a set of features desired to be developed in the upcoming iteration. Developers must come up with a plan on how to implement those features into working software. Scrum master supports Sprint Planning Meeting by helping the Product Owner […]

How to calculate the capacity

How to calculate capacity

Capacity in scrum can be calculated using the team’s past velocity data and developers’ availability in future iterations. Use my template to calculate the capacity for a scrum team. If you work in SCRUM, and even more so in SAFE as a Scrum Master – then you need to know the capacity of the teams […]