Who are the key stakeholders in agile?

key stakeholders in agile

When organizing the sprint review we must know who should be there in order for our scrum to work. The team of course should present the product increment so without them there will be no review. Also, we must know who will listen, observe the presentation and give relevant feedback – the stakeholders. Who is […]

How scrum master supports sprint review

How scrum master supports sprint review

During a sprint review meeting, the scrum team should present product increment and receive necessary feedback from stakeholders. It is the most important opportunity to inspect product development and adapt it to stakeholders’ needs. Scrum master supports sprint review by ensuring it takes place, everyone understands its purpose, and by finding ways to improve it […]

Presentation on a sprint review. Communication workshops.

Presentation for sprint review

Once at the sprint review I noticed that the stakeholders didn’t pay attention and obviously didn’t understand a word in technical language that has been used, that made me think about how to make an effective presentation for sprint review. The way to make an effective presentation on a sprint review is to use the […]