How scrum master helps organization

Scrum master helps organization

Can the whole organization benefit from scrum master’s services? … How? The scrum master helps the organization by supporting scrum adoption, participating in scrum implementation, and ensuring continuous improvement. Scrum masters support cross-team events, design and implement processes, and build a knowledge exchange culture.   There is different type and scale of engagement depending on […]

How to convince management to hire more staff?

need to convince the management to hire more staff

There are only two fundamental reasons why managers hire additional team members: either they can make more money or avoid losing money they are already making. Convince the management to hire more staff by showing a chance for the firm’s growth or by emphasizing a risk that the organization has with limited team members. This […]

How to teach scrum framework

teaching scrum

When working in an agile organization a scrum master ensures that scrum is understood and used. Especially when developers or other employees are new to the scrum framework we have to be able to teach them about scrum to the point that they understand how to work in this agile culture. You can have a […]